On our platform, there are agricultural farms from all over the country who these days are having a hard time and are waiting for your hands capable of helping and saving Israeli agriculture.
The need for working hands is huge, and at this time it is critical, that we ask you to be part of the solution.

The experience of volunteering in agriculture in the Land of Israel is more important than ever. Israeli farms are not only a source of healthy and high-quality food, but also a sign of our cultural and historical identity. The farmers need many hands, and they look forward and are excited to include you in the journey to save agriculture in Israel.

We urge you not to remain indifferent, but to invite friends, family, acquaintances, and anyone who can contribute, join, and support Israeli agriculture. Together we will save agriculture, preserve and flourish our land, and above all we will preserve the future of agriculture in the Land of Israel. We have no other country, and our journey is linked to the existential, economic, and cultural future of the country.

We thank you for your good will and your commitment to Israeli agriculture. We invite you to join and make the experience not only volunteering, but a significant journey that will improve the settlement of the land and help maintain agricultural revival. In your hands is the power and direct influence to improve and change the reality of Israel’s economies.

The experience of agricultural volunteering in our country today is more important than ever!

Israeli farms need working hands to save agriculture in Israel. We thank you for your good will and urge you to invite friends and family members to join and hire them because we have no other country!

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