Welcome to the “Aiding Farmers in Israel” platform.

On the platform, hundreds of farmers from all over the country need you!
We understand that in these times you are interested in making a decent living, and we respect and encourage this.

We understand the importance of working in the field of agriculture and the challenges you face. Following the changing reality and the growing need for workers in the field, we are here to put things in order and gather the most relevant information for you.

What do we offer?

Accurate information:
Our platform provides you with accurate information regarding the need for workers in the field of agriculture from around the country. You will be able to see which farmers need help and which are the areas where the need is high

Significant work:
We understand that yours is important for meaningful work and contributing to Israeli agriculture. Any job you enjoy can be an action that directly affects the settlement of the land and the food that reaches the table of every citizen

Variety of choices:
We have a variety of farmers from around the country who need help. You can and are invited to choose a job that suits you, according to your skills, your time, your level of physical strength, and your location, some places offer residences.

We respect your desire to earn a living with dignity and therefore we encourage the discussion for pay. The platform shows hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly income, milking cow, milking bucket cow, etc.

Information about the level of difficulty:
We will tell you the level of physical difficulty of each job so that you can choose the most suitable operation for you.

Payment transparency:
We can and will try to provide you with clear information and transparency regarding payment, incentives, and grants for your work.

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Grants and Jobs

משרד החקלאות

משרד החקלאות.

שאלות ותשובות בנוגע למענקי עבודה בחקלאות. 
כל התשובות בנוגע למענק המשולם ע”י הביטוח הלאומי הן בכפוף להשלמת החקיקה ואישור הכנסת !


עבודה מועדפת בחקלאות במשרה מלאה. 
» תכנית בת 7 חודשים. 
» מגורים בקבוצה בלב קיבוץ דתי – על פסגת הגלבוע. 
» תכנית לימודית משמעותית וערכית בשעות הערב. 
» עשייה בקהילה. 

חוות כרמי עבדת

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עבודה מועדפת בחוות כרמי עבדת, חוות חקלאית-תיירותית בנגב

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