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Daniela Elazar
Co-founder | Operations Manager & Promotions
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We established the “FarmAid” platform, after the events that took place on the “Black Saturday” (October 7th).

We understood that the agricultural sector in Israel is in a deep crisis in manpower.

From this, a complete understanding that we can change reality together and we will.

We intend to solve the manpower shortage by using our platform effectively and appeal to employees, volunteers, students, and youth, from every sector, gender, and age.

We know that in our citizens we find the solution to the variety of challenges in agriculture and the platform is the bridge to building a stable agricultural community.

On our platform, you can find hundreds of farmers from all over the country waiting for your help. We invite you to choose a job that suits you, according to your skills, your time, and the location you are interested in. We provide detailed information on the difficulty level of each job, so you can make an informed and informed choice. The work in agriculture is not only physical work but mainly work with meaning. Moreover, we will make sure to provide you with clear and transparent information regarding incentives and payment for your work, and we will also provide you with insurance information, whether with National Insurance or with the farmer.

We can guarantee that the work you choose will be a significant contribution to you and for the entire country.

Therefore, we invite you to join, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get ready because we have no other country!



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